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Smart City

Reading smart meters or controlling street lights requires reliable, scalable, and long-range connectivity. That's what we offer. Whatever you need to connect on a massive scale, Wirepas mesh or 5G Mesh is your choice. The latter is based on the latest non-cellular 5G standard. Wirepas partners have deployed over 5 million devices using our technology. The biggest one is a smart metering network. More than one million devices are connected with a 99.9% Service Level Agreement. You read it right. One single network. With way lower total cost of ownership than any other option. Easy to roll out with minimal network planning and without heavy infrastructure. Update your device software over the air. It’s autonomous and self-healing, unlike PLC. We've made many device manufacturers become shiny solution providers. You can be the next. We know how to help you to win tenders. Want to know more? Keep scrolling or book a meeting.

Mom can only keep on bragging

"My son Ville and his friends at Wirepas are making IoT history in India with an electricity metering network of tens of millions of locations. It's a world record." - MOM


World's first non-cellular 5G

Yes, it’s a standard. DECT 2020 NR is the world’s first non-cellular 5G technology and is part of IMT-2020 5G by ITU. Ideal for smart metering. This standard unleashes the 1.9 GHz spectrum available worldwide. Radio hardware requirements are inherited from the cellular world. The standard combines the most advanced radio specification and wireless de-centralized mesh protocol. A unique mixture is born. What’s even better, any application can run on top of the wireless protocol. No subscriptions. Just non-cellular 5G.

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