Wirepas Connectivity for Sensors
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Sensors are a versatile application area within IoT. Sensors are used in preventive maintenance, process control, and of course environmental sensoring in almost any industry.

The sensors are often battery-operated, which makes energy efficiency a key requirement. Usually sensors are deployed in volumes and the coverage area may be large. Density, range and demanding environments such as basements and being deep indoors pose a challenge to the sensor network.

Wirepas Connectivity for sensors enables wireless multi-hop mesh connectivity for electricity meters.

Massive IoT- different technologies for different needs

A white paper by Northstream, commissioned by Wirepas, with the aim to provide an objective and independent view on connectivity technologies for massive IoT.

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Features & benefits

  • Fully automatic operation provides easy installation and requires no maintenance for the network.
  • High energy-efficiency results in long battery-operated lifetime for all sensors, including devices capable of routing.
  • Unlimited scalability of the connectivity supports the sensor installation size or coverage.

Metering, Lighting or Asset Management – we have the optimized connectivity

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