Wirepas Connectivity for Electricity Meters
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Smart meters are a fast growing application area within the device connectivity and IoT (Internet of Things) market. Smart meters are used in electricity, water and gas. The main use case in electricity metering is naturally gathering consumption data, but the connectivity also enables new possibilities such as monitoring the electricity grid.

The electricity meters are powered so energy efficiency is not a critical issue. However, density, range and demanding environments such as basements and being deep indoors pose a challenge to the network.

Wirepas Connectivity for Electricity Meters enables wireless multi-hop mesh connectivity.

Massive IoT- different technologies for different needs

A white paper by Northstream, commissioned by Wirepas, with the aim to provide an objective and independent view on connectivity technologies for massive IoT.

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Features & benefits

  • Fully automatic operation provides easy installation and requires no maintenance for the network.
  • High network density for example in metering room installations.
  • Scalability to geographically large networks for city-wide installations
  • With Wirepas Connectivity the meters are the communications infrastructure.
  • This means that no extra communication devices are required.
  • High node to gateway ratio minimizes backhaul data plan costs. Deterministic bandwidth independent of scale
  • Sub-GHz physical layer support provide long device-to-device ranges and enables sparse deployments.

Metering, Lighting or Asset Management – we have the optimized connectivity

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