Optimized solution for each IoT application
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The requirements for connectivity vary considerably between different IoT applications such as smart metering, sensoring, beacons, logistics and lighting for example. The ability to flexibly optimize the connectivity solution to the needs of the customer’s business case and application is crucial to the development and growth of IoT based business. Because the use cases vary so much, one connectivity solution does not fit for all. Moreover, the requirements evolve over time per application.

With Wirepas Connectivity we are flexibly able to optimize the connectivity solution for the application in terms of power, bandwidth, range, latency. Our technology is also hardware independent  – our protocol runs on any radio chip.

Our solution enables customers to operate their network with batteries even for 15 years. To enable this we need to adjust other network parameter such as bandwidth and latency, but this is exactly what makes Wirepas Connectivity so great. We are able to do trade-offs so that the solution fulfills the customer needs in an optimized way – nothing more, nothing less.


We focus on large scale IoT applications where we can create unique value and an optimized solution for our customers. In many industrial applications, such as smart metering and sensoring for example, the number of devices in the network can be up to millions.

Wirepas Connectivity scales to basically any number of devices – two or two million nodes, it optimizes itself for best performance.

You can have hundreds of devices in one room without interference because automatic and efficient use of the radio spectrum. On the other hand, the distance between two devices can be several kilometers. The total geographical coverage of the network is limitless because every single device is an autonomous part of the network and can operate as a router.

With Wirepas Connectivity even the most difficult places can be reached. It is robust in basements and deep indoors because the devices have several different options for connecting to the network.


Reliability and security is a key for trust in IoT. With Wirepas Connectivity there is no single point of failure because all the devices are homogenous and can forward data autonomously. It is self-healing and reacts to changing environment automatically.

Wirepas Connectivity is robust against interference. There can be several different wireless systems in the same area. Devices with Wirepas Connectivity locally choose the best channels to operate in.

In case of lost a message it will be automatically re-sent until verification of reception.

The information security of the network is about confidentiality, message integrity and availability. Wirepas Connectivity guarantees that the messages are protected and they cannot be modified – the customer owns the data and has access to it whenever and from wherever.

Simple to use

Wirepas is easy to install, maintain and extend – everything is automatic. The customer just powers the device and it automatically connects and operates as an autonomous part of the network.

In nature things organize themselves in the most efficient, optimized and simple way. The things are communicating making autonomous decisions based on the protocol that is optimized to fulfill the need as efficiently as possible – nothing more, nothing less. This is also what Wirepas is all about. Things connected – Naturally.


The security is a key requirement in any device network. Wirepas connectivity delivers high-end link security by securing message integrity & authenticity, message confidentiality, replay protection, node authenticity and access control

With Wirepas Connectivity every message can be appended with OMAC1 Message Integrity Code (MIC), which ensures high-level integrity and authenticity.

On top of that every message can be encrypted with AES128 counter mode. Network signaling messages can be appended with OMAC1 Message Integrity Code (MIC). Node without correct encryption & authentication key pair cannot join the network.

Wirepas Connectivity Overview

An introduction to the features and benefits of Wirepas Connectivity

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