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Easy to install and provision

The Wirepas mesh networking software running in each emergency lighting luminaire creates a network autonomously, without human intervention. So no special skills or knowledge are required to set up and configure a Wirepas network. A standard electrical contractor or technician can do it.

On installation, a node broadcasts its presence to every other node within range and makes links with them. Each luminaire only connects directly with the luminaires closest to it. But – here’s the clever bit – every node (luminaire) acts as a repeater, receiving messages and passing them on to a neighbor until they reach their destination.

A Wirepas mesh network can consist of thousands or millions of nodes, all connecting themselves autonomously to their neighbors and operating as a network without any intervention from an engineer or technician.

In most cases, just a single gateway is required to provide access for all luminaires to a corporate network or to the internet. So the extra installation overhead on top of the task of installing the luminaires themselves is normally very small.

Why mesh networks offer the highest reliability

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