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When we say massive, 1000 is just about on the low end of our spectrum. How about 920 000? That’s starting to be massive. We’ve got a Wirepas network with 920 000 devices in one single network. Proven and tested.

Most of the networks using Wirepas mesh are made with battery-powered devices. Meaning the devices do not need cables after cables. No wire installations. Anything can be tracked, even objects that are always moving.

All Wirepas networks can be scaled just by adding new devices to them. This way, the network’s coverage can be extended over and over again. We’ve got a Wirepas network in Oslo that contains almost 1 million smart meters. In one single network. That’s starting to be massive.

Massive for us means that the Wirepas mesh can be set up in very dense settings without any radio interference. One thousand devices in one network are on the low end of what can be done. We can cram 1500 devices into one cubic meter without any of them interfering with the others. Thanks to polite spectrum features and multiple channels.

The Wirepas connectivity stack is hardware agnostic. It can be run on very different devices. Most of them are battery-operated. This means no wires are needed. No need to take down walls for the installation. Retrofitting the smart part is fast and easy when the main infrastructure is the devices on their own.

And the best part is that it's for smart meters but can be used for tracking anything. Even objects that are constantly moving or changing places. With the Wirepas stack on your devices, they consume less power, thus keeping the batteries alive for longer.

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