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A nurse can spend more than two hours just looking for the right equipment in a typical working week. A hospital is usually a large area with thousands of m² distributed across several floors and buildings. Because of these dimensions, any tracking solution can't afford expensive infrastructure requiring high cabling costs or costly maintenance costs. This is where Wirepas Massive Tracking enters. Gone are complex cabling costs, configuration, and maintenances needs. Get your hospital covered in one week, and enjoy tracking for years. Choosing Wirepas can help you increase meaningful patient time, reduce excess equipment and mitigate the healthcare staff shortage without disturbing recovering patients or working personnel.

They did it with Wirepas


Locate critical equipment during COVID 19 pandemic

In the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown, RFiD Discovery deployed a complete asset tracking solution in three London NHS hospitals without disturbing recovering patients or working personnel. Thanks to the self-provisioning capability of the Wirepas Connectivity Suite, local hospital staff deployed the solution themselves. It was both launched and handled 100% off-site, over 90000 square meters, spread across the three hospitals and 16 floors. Full deployment took 4 days.

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Tracking, navigation, and beyond

The University Medical Center Utrecht deployed a solution combining asset tracking, indoor navigation, and indoor lighting. Combining tags from Fujitsu with luminaires from Ingy, the solution demonstrates tracking, sensing, indoor navigation, and lighting control done in one mesh network. Wirepas network has shown its robustness in complex environments. A single connectivity layer enables cooperation for multiple use-cases and actors from an ecosystem perspective.

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Safety & Wellness for Senior Communities

Intrex uses their Wirepas-based solution, Rythmos, to offer the possibility of knowing exactly where residents are when they need help the most. Room-by-room positioning details result in no guessing when a resident presses their wearable button or experiences a fall. The solution is installed in less than a day with minimal disruption to residents and staff. It works through any building material. In addition, it’s entirely battery-powered, making the nurse call system stay up even when the power goes out. Hassle-free wireless: no expensive cabling but no WiFi infrastructure either. If the WiFi goes out, Rythmos stays.

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Tracking beds in hospital

Lyngsoe Systems has been a leader in logistics solutions for over 40 years. As experts in RFID healthcare solutions and hospital asset tracking, Lyngsoe Systems brings cutting-edge technology and innovations to the market that not only streamline hospital operations, but also improve patient safety and care. Lyngsoe provides Wirepas active tagging solutions for the tracking of all critical medical devices, including beds, safety equipment and sterile goods, supporting a safer, more efficient service for hospital patients.

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