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How Wirepas offers special value

There are so many ways in which a Wirepas mesh network helps keep emergency lighting system costs affordable.
It starts with the equipment. Because a Wirepas network is a mesh, it uses the luminaires themselves to pass signals around the network. Unlike other types of network, it does not need separate hubs, routers, repeaters or base stations to broadcast signals to the nodes (luminaires): the nodes are the routers. The money that would have been spent on this extra network infrastructure is saved.
So upfront costs are lower – and so are the installation and operating costs. That’s because a Wirepas mesh network is self-organizing and self-healing. When a luminaire with a Wirepas-enabled RF chipset or module inside is powered on, it automatically scans for other Wirepas nodes in its area. It connects to all the nodes that it finds, building and extending the mesh autonomously, without the need for technicians or engineers to program or configure each unit. So, there is much less work for the installers to do, and they need fewer networking skills, which makes installation cheaper.
And operating costs are lower because the network runs reliably, healing itself whenever a node fails temporarily or permanently, and finding a different route for signals. So, the operator spends less time urgently fixing network devices and maintaining the network.

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