More than just emergency lighting luminaires - Wirepas

More than just emergency lighting luminaires

When an emergency lighting system runs on a Wirepas mesh network, it is not only providing capacity for the signals that luminaires send to and from each other and the control desk, such as information about lighting operation or battery state of charge.

A Wirepas mesh can carry much more besides: sensor signals, indoor location beacons, asset tracking signals and more. This means that emergency lighting manufacturers which provide equipment with Wirepas inside can increase the value of their products: Wirepas gives the ability to make the luminaire an all-round smart services hub for functions such as indoor navigation, indoor air quality monitoring, or tracking of valuable assets.

A Wirepas network is also completely scalable to meet future need for expansion. Extending the network to a new room or a new building is as simple as the original installation: simply install the luminaires and wait for them to connect autonomously to their nearest neighbors, and organize themselves on the network.

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