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BCITS to build a Wirepas-based RF mesh communication solution for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in India

Wirepas has teamed up with BCITS to address the Indian smart metering market. BCITS will use Wirepas technology to build an entire Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution as per Indian requirements. The end-to-end RF mesh communication solution includes hardware, software, integrations and FMS services. Testing of the solution is already ongoing.

Wirepas, a Finnish connectivity company bringing massive IoT to all enterprises, now collaborates with BCITS, an Indian system integrator for the smart metering industry.
BCITS will use Wirepas Massive, a unique enterprise IoT software, to build an entire Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution as per Indian requirements. It will allow utilities to get an easy-to-deploy world-class smart metering solution with unmatched scalability, reliability, and affordability.

Wirepas Massive, an RF mesh protocol software, is the only technology allowing an unlimited number of devices to create a self-forming, self-healing network.
“Indian AMI market has been experiencing long lead times in delivery of reliable communication solutions. With our technology smart meters can be deployed as fast as normal electronics static meters. The effective over-the-air update (OTA) feature will also ensure that the deployed solution is always available with the latest in technology,” says Teppo Hemiä, CEO, Wirepas.

India is revamping its energy distribution with major investments in the next 3-5 years. It is also making pre-payment smart metering mandatory for the power distribution utilities. The solution built by BCITS includes a pre-payment functionality. Testing of the solution is already ongoing.

“BCITS is a company that understands technology and the challenges of Indian power distribution for 20 years. Their system integration capability and vast field deployment expertise will help speed up the deployment of the 250 million smart meters targeted by the government. They can make a change by bringing in reliable communication with Wirepas. That makes them a great partner for us,” says Ashish Sahay, Sales Director & Country Director for India & SAARC at Wirepas.

BCITS will be the first Indian local company providing an RF Mesh solution to the market which has been ruled traditionally by global players.

“Wirepas has developed a perfect technology for massive IoT applications: easy to install and commission as well as infinitely scalable. Indian utilities can wisely have their investment in smart meters beyond getting monthly billing data and set up an IoT network with multi applications to be future ready. We intend to create utility’s own private network to communicate with various elements of grid at minimal cost and reduced dependency on external providers. Smart grid monitoring and controlling solutions, like transformer monitoring, feeder monitoring and remote control of these will now be a reality leading to smart grid. We will be able to deliver a “Make In India” product in the market,” says Anil Daulani, CEO at BCITS.

BCITS has been delivering top class SMART solutions and services to Discoms for over nearly two decades, and have a reputation for consistency, reliability, and delivery. BCITS has meticulously focused towards solving Utility pain areas with innovative approach in problem solving. BCITS is a CMMI level 5 assessed for software development and services and has off the shelf software solutions in the areas of Utility Billing, Revenue Management, CIS, CRM, HES, MDM GIS & Mobile Applications. As a leading System Integrator BCITS has immense experience of successful end-to-end project implementation and have implemented more than 100 projects at over 25 Electricity and Water Utilities in India. https://www.bcits.co.in/

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