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ENLIT 2021

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So you’re into smart metering?

Our partners have deployed millions of smart meters connected by Wirepas. One single network is already over a million. You read it right. No subnetworks, one single network. With way lower TCO than most options. Easy to roll out, update and self-healing. We just know how to win tenders. Want to know more? Keep scrolling or book a meeting.

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latest and greatest in rf mesh

Creating a network may get costly. However, the Wirepas RF mesh network comes from a different direction. There’s no need to build an extensive infrastructure. Instead, the meters themselves create the main infrastructure. This means lower investment, installation, and operational costs.  No network configurations are needed either. A radio chip with connectivity software takes care of the data transmission and network configuration. The network adapts itself and configures itself on the fly autonomously. For example, messages are automatically re-routed if a meter fails, and the communication load is rebalanced. 


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