Hannover Messe USA 2022 - Wirepas

Hannover Messe USA 2022

Hannover messe header.jpg
Hannover messe header.jpg

We are at Hannover Messe USA, September 12-17

Meet us at Hannover Messe USA in Chicago. We are happy to discuss how we make very very good IoT. Come visit our booth 134726!

Here's your opportunity to meet us

  • When: September 12-17

  • Where: McCormick Place, Chicago

  • Booth: 134726

  • Wirepas staff on site: Jason Herro (book a meeting), Alan Sillito (book a meeting), Bret Small, Fred Kaske

Wirepas in action


Predictive maintenance

Detect failures before they occur. Works on existing or new machinery without expensive infrastructure. Cabling costs and maintenance can be enormous in harsh industrial environments. This is, in a nutshell, what Wirepas connectivity brings to predictive maintenance. Low power and high reliability without complex infrastructure are the keys to very very good IoT.

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Process Sensing

Manufacturing processes are complex. IoT can help to make them more predictable, more efficient, and safer by collecting the right data in the right place. Because each factory is unique, versatile and scalable connectivity is needed to ensure deployment at an affordable price. Thanks to its decentralized, reliable, and low-power operations, Wirepas Connectivity Suite fits many applications.

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Track and trace

Localization or inventory of tools, semi-finished products, and containers can also provide precious information for process optimization. Factories are usually extensive areas. Therefore, a cost-effective and non-intrusive tracking solution is essential for successful projects. Thanks to its cost-effective, fully battery-operated infrastructure, Wirepas Massive Tracking allows the deployment of a large-scale tracking system at a cost in large factories.

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Industrial lighting

Industrial environments are particular. Harsh, hazardous, underground, and metallic, there are a lot of places where connectivity can fail. This is where the combination of lighting and IoT makes a great pair. Leverage lighting as an infrastructure for IoT. But you need very very good connectivity to do so. You need reliable communication in those environments but can also scale for new use cases. This is precisely what Wirepas delivers.

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Joining us at the Wirepas booth

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