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Help Ukrainian refugees

The terrible war in Ukraine has resulted into a huge humanitarian crisis and millions of people are forced to leave their home and country. There is a need for help to get these people to safety. We wanted to help. And then, the opportunity to help presented itself.

Slava Ukraini, a Finnish association helping Ukrainian refugees, had contacted Kaato informing that they are organising bus rides to Finland and are looking for sponsor companies. Kaato also suggested the sponsorship to Wirepas and we jumped at the opportunity to help.

"Know your responsibility. Do what you can, even something little!", says Teppo Hemiä, Wirepas CEO when asked what is the reasoning for us to be a part of this operation.

We now urge all our partners, customers and the people we know, to do what you can. Below you can find a few useful links that offer help and support for Ukraine and its refugees.

Punainen Risti - Red Cross Finland

Kirkon ulkomaanapu


Your local agencies and organisations.

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