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Here is where I wanted to be - just never knew I could

Liisa Salonen

Finland is a land of engineers, no doubt. I’m not one of them. To me, the internet of things has been some vague consumer applications, and I’ve never understood why I should connect my vacuum cleaner to anything other than a power outlet. In my previous job, I worked indirectly for Wirepas, meaning I had to do some research to understand why I should care.  I did as I realized the industrial-scale IoT has the power to make meaningful changes in various industries. I’m a textbook millennial – if that ever existed – and want purposeful from all aspects of my life, including work.

I’ve lived in one of the bigger cities in the world, and Finland, but I’ve never understood what’s wrong with the smaller ones. Especially the pandemic and remote work got me thinking that right now in my life, I would want to live in central Finland, where my family is. So, when Wirepas was looking for a Content Marketing Manager with the possibility to work remotely, I knew they were looking for me.

I’m not usually the one to brag, but I’ve started to call myself a Greative Generalist to remind myself that I am creative and great at what I do, and my enthusiasm to always learn more is relevant and needed. I’m a trained photographer with a business degree. I’ve written for fun and money for over a decade. LinkedIn recommends AD jobs, and I’ve got experience in different sales positions. Not to mention everything else I know. In the past, I’ve learned not everyone sees my past as one cohesive lump as I do, so I’ve been thrilled to see the marketing team and everyone else at Wirepas have been so excited to have me.

It’s not just the remote work, creative stuff, and the IoT possibilities that excites me. What stood out to me is that Wirepas sees the value of marketing. The money going to marketing is not a waste – it’s an investment. Finns are stereotypically notoriously bad at sales, so it’s not said that the attitude for understanding marketing is there. My previous employer was heavily involved in making the Mom films for Wirepas. When hearing that I had taken a job here, one of my colleagues at the time jokingly said: “You liked the films so much that you wanted to work for them!” In a way, he was right, I liked how they were made, but I was especially blown away by the fact they had been made in the first place.

Here I am, very thankful for the opportunity to be located where I am, for trusting my knowledge and experience in content creation, and not least, letting me be something I never dreamed of being, but I knew I was. So now, let’s get some very very good IoT done!

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