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IoT mastery made affordable

Teppo Hemiä

After almost 20 years in large corporates, in various roles from technology to business, I wanted to scale up a small company. It was late 2013 when a friend told me about a company in Tampere. A company that could have something unique in my field of expertise. So, I checked in and met the guys.

It only took a half an hour to realize that the small group had come a long way from university research to their first product. And that they had solved something that the market did not even yet know being a problem! They had invented de-centralized networking. Back then, no one knew when the market would be ready for it. IoT was only early hype. But I was certain the time would come. In a few days I was in, excited to bring this concept to the benefit of the whole wide world.

The concept of a de-centralized network is quite the opposite to the cellular networks. And let me be clear, cellular networks are one of the best engineering works done on this planet. But if you need a large scale, high density network without going deep in your pockets, cellular won’t cut it. It was never designed for it. Try putting thousands or even millions of devices in one network. You’ll see there is no other way to make that work cost-efficiently than a de-centralized network. It’s no surprise our technology is on its way to become the standard for massive IoT. The first non-cellular 5G standard.

Affordability drives the adoption as the cost of acquiring the data must be much lower than the value of the data to make a good use of it. All that matters at the end of the day, is ROI. Connectivity plays a big role as it impacts the deployment cost, data fees, service levels, maintenance and much more. De-centralized architecture has an intrinsic capability to deliver way more reliable wireless communications than centrally controlled. And very importantly, it enables superior spectrum efficiency. VTT, a leading wireless research institute, just published very strong independent results about the topic.

It could not be a better moment than now to go for the next step. Digitalization fans out everywhere, accelerated by the pandemic. Organizations around the world in different verticals understand the power of data driven decisions. And benefits of transparency e.g. in supply chains. IoT is not an option anymore.

The industrial IoT market is enormous, and it is the fastest growing among all wireless. Our solution is proven to be very competitive, and it is now a peer reviewed open global standard, DECT-2020 NR. It fulfils the toughest 5G requirements for the massive Machine Type of Communications (mMTC), and by a big margin. It enables deployments and use with one tenth of a cost of cellular. Robustness with modern physical layer of OFDM+HARQ gets a whole new value compared to e.g. Zigbee or BLE Mesh. And 1000s times the performance of LoRa without a compromise in coverage. And for the use cases where the most extreme cost requirements are, Wirepas Massive is a very very good option. What is not to like?


Sources: Accenture, Strategy Analysts, Ericsson, Bluetooth SIG 

The market is moving from early adopters to early majority. Make sure you are not among the late majority companies, trying to catch up later and losing to your competition who leverage the efficiency, safety and sustainability. Are you having 5G in your digital strategy? Now you can play it all the way from high speeds, low latencies and finally massive scale.

At Wirepas, we do not speculate, we just go for the obvious and get shit done!

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