LogiMAT 2022 - Wirepas

LogiMAT 2022

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Logimat header.png

Logimat, May 31 - Jun 2

Meet us at LogiMAT in Stuttgart – International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management. This year we show the power of our Ecosystem by joining forces with our excellent partner Ingy. We are happy to discuss how we make very very good IoT! Book a meeting with us or come visit our booth Hall 4, F77!

Asset tracking at no-cost or low-cost

We make asset tracking with our Massive Tracking software so affordable that it lets you track everything, even low-cost assets. People, parts, tools, livestock, pallets, containers, RPC or something else. Essential in intralogistics and warehouses, very very good in healthcare, construction, and factories. It tracks everything. You name it. We’ve got it covered.

With lighting, you don't need any additional infrastructure for asset tracking. You can combine lighting and energy saving with asset tracking. It's built-in to our technology. That is true no-cost.

No lighting? No problem. Our asset tracking needs no wires. Fully battery operated. Did I hear low-cost?

Learn all about our Smart Tracking.

All you need to know

Joining us at the Wirepas booth

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