RF Wireless boosts fast roll outs of smart electricity metering. - Wirepas

RF Wireless boosts fast roll outs of smart electricity metering.

Powercom has selected Wirepas Mesh RF connectivity to connect Smart meters wirelessly and speed up roll outs.

Massive IoT roll outs are becoming a reality in more and more countries. For example, in Nordic countries, smart meter rollouts have been completed, and now second-generation roll outs are ongoing for the latest technologies enabling better performance at a lower cost. Developing countries have high ambitions to have fast roll outs of smart meters and have the biggest rollout opportunities for this decade. Connectivity plays a key role in enabling quick large-scale roll outs and affordable business models.

While cellular has been used to connect people, the new 5G standard DECT-2020 NR+ and the first product of that standard, Wirepas 5G Mesh, will connect the Internet of Things like Electricity Smart Meters. The opportunity is massive as there are significantly more devices to be connected to than people.

Nordic countries like Finland, Sweden, and Norway are well known for very advanced and reliable cellular networks. Still, even those networks have black spots to cover smart electricity meters, which can be located in challenging locations. When there are challenges to providing continuous cellular network coverage, the Service Level Agreements (SLA) set for smart metering cannot be met without a technology that builds the coverage by the devices themselves. Wirepas 5G Mesh is a leading RF technology in Nordic countries operating on 870 MHz. The same wireless technology has been applied successfully in India for 865 MHz and e.g., in Australia for 915 MHz. The new 5G Mesh available in 2023 enables non-licensed international 1900 MHz frequency to be used for smart metering, changing the game.

Powercom is a turn-key Smart Grid solution provider, supplying millions of smart meters and end-to-end solutions. POWERCOM Dashboard System provides BI and AI reporting with Real-Time visibility of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), providing insights into all the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company in Nigeria (IBEDC) levels. The platform supports the highest levels of Cyber Security. Consumer Engagement Software allows consumers access to consumption data, events, and notifications. POWERCOM Smart Grid solution supply an accurate data in near real-time and provide configurable demand response and remote disconnection. POWERCOM Smart Grid Platform provides monitoring, analysis, control, and communication within the electrical grid to help improve efficiency and minimize energy consumption and cost.

In Smart meter connectivity, Powercom has been using PLC technology before. There is worldwide demand for affordable and reliable AMI solutions, and de-centralized RF mesh meets the unprecedented requirements in developing countries.

- Wirepas is an ideal wireless technology partner for us. They focus on Wireless connectivity technology while we manage complete turn-key solutions for utilities worldwide. Wirepas can deliver communication reliability to meet 99.9% SLA and enables us to optimize our solutions’ total cost of ownership and insure large field deployments in a quick manner. CEO Yackov Dar

Wirepas is a leading RF Mesh technology provider by licensing software technology for the partners. Go to market strategy is to partner up with AMI/AMR solution providers, system integrators, and smart meter manufacturers.

- We focus on providing the best mesh connectivity suite on the market currently for more than 200 partners and over 100 use cases worldwide. Powercom has great knowledge of the AMI/AMR market in LATAM and Africa. Their dynamic adaptation to market needs and development of new business models for the utilities is an excellent proof point of the capability to make a product and market fit a rapidly changing market. We are delighted that Powercom has chosen Wirepas as their wireless technology to be competitive in the market. SVP, Jani Vehkalahti

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