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We are at SIDO Lyon

BIENVENUE - WELCOME! Come meet Wirepas and our partners Fujitsu, Treon, Panasonic/Silica, L'ébénoid, RFID Discovery France and Akensys at SIDO Lyon - The reference event on the convergence of IoT, AI, Robotics & XR technologies. Together with our ecosystem partners, we want to show the power of collaboration in IoT projects. You'll find all the experts at booth # E110 and they're more than happy to discuss how to make very very good IoT -together.

Here's your opportunity to meet us

  • What: SIDO Lyon, Cite Internationale, Lyon, France, Booth E110

  • When: 20-21 September, 2023

  • Wirepas staff on site: Eden Suire (book a meeting)

We'll be there - book a meeting with us!
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Wirepas Connectivity - HOW IT WORKS

It’s massive, it’s reliable, it’s scalable. See what is behind our mesh connectivity and how performant our decentralized operation is. No matter the environment, Wirepas mesh always finds a way to connect your devices. Discover how it works, what it can do. And what it can’t. Without bullshit.

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