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Smart Lighting with massive IoT

Wirepas Mesh enables wireless IoT networking at a massive scale. It is a de-centralized IoT network protocol that can connect, locate and identify lights, sensors, beacons, assets, machines, and meters in cities, buildings, industry, logistics, and energy – with unprecedented scale, density, flexibility, and reliability. It can be used on any radio hardware and any frequency band. Wirepas Mesh was built from the ground up to provide superior performance, resilience, and scale. This clean sheet approach allows us to offer a unique connectivity offering for Industrial IoT applications.


The lighting demands are growing all the time. The whole industry is evolving fast to offer smart systems that help to minimize energy usage, improve the lighting experience and gather data both in building and city-wide. Data gathering, in particular, is placing unprecedented demands on the wireless solutions used to connect the various lighting control and sensing systems elements. With smart lighting allows commercial property owners to deliver new ways of control and data analytics of how a building is being used,
the wireless technology used to deliver the mesh infrastructure for smart lighting needs the required technical performance. 

A typical ten-floor building will have 100 to 200 luminaires per floor, giving you 1,000 to 2,000 luminaires. As a building owner or tenant, you should have a single network covering all the spaces you use, whether one floor or the entire building. Before selecting an intelligent lighting control system, it’s crucial that you understand if you are limited to connecting 200 luminaires or if you can connect all the luminaires in your space. With Wirepas having proven success in the real world through various partners, the following will show you how we enable our partners to deliver true smart lighting solutions. 


  1. We provide our customers with the most reliable, optimized, scalable, and simple-to-use device connectivity.

  2. Large-scale IoT applications where we can create unique value and an optimized solution for our customers.

  3. Developing and licensing our unique mesh network protocol software – and nothing else.

  4. Building partnerships so that we can together offer turnkey solutions for end customers.

Wirepas Mesh was built bottom-up to deliver a mesh solution that delivers the needs of smart lighting platforms, from lighting control and fast provisioning to building usage analytics and remote monitoring.

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