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We joined the Digital Defence Ecosystem

In the ideal world, the defense sector would be a thing of the past. No one would need to think about wars, threats and defending themselves against the dark. Fortunately, there’s been a shift. In the past, the military sector was the one to lead the way for the biggest innovations. That’s not the case anymore. The innovations of today come from civil technology. All modern defense forces use technology that can be used in civil businesses and the defense sector.

There’s always a but. In this case, that’s the fact that the defense sector is conservative in adopting new technological opportunities. That’s a euphemism for slow. The fast-paced civil businesses have difficulties entering the defense market. Especially when all technology is digitizing, it’s a problem. There. We said it. So how to get a fast-paced business environment and a conservative defense sector to work towards earlier adoption of technologies? There’s no definite answer, but there is a way: to work together more closely within civil technologies and the defense sector.

Now why are we talking about this? Because we’re in the civil sector with our technology and our partners. We know our partners create very very good IoT for a better world. We have this mutual interest in being wherever reliable connectivity is needed. That’s why we’ve joined Digital Defence Ecosystem. It’s here to build a bridge between these two worlds. Empowering defense with rapidly developing civil technologies. And creating new global defense business for agile technology companies.

We’re very happy to be part of this and help open the door for our partners.

More about Wirepas joining the DDE

Read more about us joining the Digital Defence Ecosystem on their website.

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