Weissbeerger first to utilize the Wirepas connectivity in the beverage industry - Wirepas

Weissbeerger first to utilize the Wirepas connectivity in the beverage industry

WeissBeerger, the leading provider of data analytics platform for the Food & Beverage Industry and the analytics arm of ABInBev, the largest Brewery in the World, partners with Wirepas to scale-up the digitization of its point of sales across the largest beer distribution channel in the world.

Weissbeerger is the provider of TrayzTM , the only solution tailored for the food & beverage industry which allows customers to track their performance, benchmark it against their competitors and receive smart insights to boost their sales. The platform combines AI and machine learning algorithms with a highly intuitive user interface so bars and restaurant owners can see exactly what beverages are being consumed at what time.

“Unlike traditional BLE networks, Wirepas Massive enables our sensors to work in the busiest environments without losing valuable data, so partnering with Wirepas was a no brainer decision for WeissBeerger. The versatility and monitoring options along with Wirepas’ experience with deploying proved extremely useful in Piloting and POC to solidify our solution,” says Nicky Zintchenko, IOT Lead at WeissBeerger.

Wirepas Massive is a unique scalable and cost-effective solution to connect and localize sensors. With Wirepas Massive every sensor is a router and extends the network coverage allowing to deploy a fully battery-operated sensor / actuator system without disturbing the industrial or retail operations. Wirepas Massive is self-healing and automatically avoids frequency interference. It enabled WeissBeerger to produce a highly reliable system that automatically adapts to any space or configuration and deploy seamlessly in any of their points of sales.

The beer market is estimated at more than 600 Billion dollars WW and WeissBeerger is uniquely positioned to capture a very strong share of its digitization.

This successful roll-out confirms Wirepas vision of Massive IoT and stands as a great example of a successful digital revolution in one of the oldest industries of all times.

“We are delighted with the collaboration with WeissBeerger.  Our teams have really enjoyed working together connecting great pieces of complementary technology. The success of the platform is proving that combining the best connectivity, AI and an intimate knowledge of the end market is the recipe to deliver real value to end users of digital services,” says Youssef Kamel, SVP Ecosystem Partners at Wirepas.

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