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Wirepas strategic partnership with cloud-based building management system provider Pulse Systems

Despite the tireless efforts of facilities teams to manage their buildings - there is still a lack of control, real-time insight, and visibility of building systems. This is not due to incompetence or lack of effort; it's because there is a lack of building activity information available in real-time, and the potential of data that can be gathered from lighting is untapped. This partnership aims to bridge the gap between traditional lighting systems and modern intelligent building automation control systems.

Wirepas’ resilient mesh network complements Pulse Systems' wireless options and is an excellent alternative to networks such as LoRaWAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and other proprietary radio wavelengths. A combination of the Wirepas mesh network and Pulse Systems cloud-based building automation system enables commercial building owners to map out their building utilisation using clever lighting to heatmap rooms that can gain insight such as occupancy trends for cleaning schedules or automate HVAC to enhance the user experience. It also supports compliance by monitoring air quality, temperature, energy, humidity, and more. The possibilities are limitless.

Every building faces unique challenges, which is why the platform was developed to be bespoke by nature – to meet the specific goals of each building, whether energy or carbon-related and beyond.

Wirepas’ deep-rooted ambitions to set new standards for IoT are evident. You see it in their technology, the team’s diligence, and service delivery. As a knock-on effect, they provide Pulse System’s customer base with the confidence and capability to scale infinitely with no single points of failure. If a device has a problem on the network, no human intervention is required as the network can heal itself. For property teams, this ensures smooth operations so they can focus on essential tasks. 

“Wirepas is taking our existing wireless mesh building management solutions to a whole new level. Their attention to detail, unique customer journey, and collaborative nature will no doubt propel the work that we are doing. Helping us support our customers to reduce their carbon emissions and increase energy savings in their buildings at scale and with ease.” – Kevin Davies, Managing Director of Pulse Systems

About Pulse Systems

Liverpool-based technology company, Pulse Systems, developed a cloud-based building automation system to reduce a building’s energy usage and carbon whilst supporting further ESG initiatives. The Pulse Cloud Platform enables new business efficiencies in HVAC, lighting, security, air quality and more by giving property owners control capabilities over their building’s assets. All under one platform. Property owners and their teams can analyse, control, and automate their estates' processes, even in the comfort of their homes.

There is a growing movement in society to hold businesses accountable for how their actions affect the environment and the future. As a result, Pulse Systems' work has never been more critical for companies and corporates who need to deliver on sustainability agendas. 

Contact: Kevin Davies

Job Title: Managing Director

Email: kevin@pulse-systems.co.uk

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Contact: Cleo Cosens

Job Title: Sales and Marketing Manager

Email: cleo@pulse-systems.co.uk

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