Wirepas complies with the DCSA global IoT logistics standard - Wirepas

Wirepas complies with the DCSA global IoT logistics standard

Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA.org) is a nonprofit, independent organization established in 2019 by several of the largest container shipping companies. DCSA’s mission is to drive technology standards and frameworks that will enable carriers to bring innovative solutions to market. Leveraging DCSA standards will improve a carrier’s customer experience, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and business agility.

June 2nd DCSA announced that they have published IoT connectivity interface standards for shipping containers. The standards can be implemented by vessel operators and owners as well as ports, terminals, container yards, inland logistics providers and other third parties to ensure interoperability between smart container solutions at the radio interface level. With these standards in place, carriers and supply chain participants will be one step closer to providing customers with an uninterrupted flow of relevant information regarding the whereabouts of containers and the status of their contents at any point along the container journey.

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Wirepas is compliant with the DCSA IoT standard release 1.0 as one of the gateway connectivity options for connecting IoT devices. Wirepas Massive has the capability of massive scale and density with high energy efficiency and reliability.  Wirepas is leading the IoT adoption and development in the container industry and being compliant with the DCSA standard is a significant step in the company’s efforts.

“Wirepas embraces standards and open API’s and has goals for global interoperability. Being compliant with the DCSA standard helps us further achieve the goals.We believe our offering helps the DCSA members to connect the smart containers in a cost-efficient and reliable way. With the connections, the smart containers become a global proxy to connect the actual shipments inside. That’s the power of highly scalable and fully de-centralized networking,“ says Teppo Hemiä.

Wirepas is the perfect fit for the end-to-end visibility

Full visibility of the end-to-end supply chain requires asset identity, location, and condition.  Wirepas offers the full visibility with Wirepas Massive connected sensors attached to the assets. The assets then connect to each other independently and then form a network automatically. This creates reliable connectivity in massive scale with data flow of the assets and their condition providing full visibility.

Wirepas Massive is an autonomous, self-forming, and mobile networking connectivity that does not require any central point of control. Wirepas Massive – technology designed for cost-efficiency, large scale, and density – has a unique ability to connect and position assets. This helps the smart container shipping industry that deals with vast numbers of containers moving and travelling around the world.


About DCSA

Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) is a neutral, non-profit group founded by major ocean carriers to digitize and standardize the container shipping industry. With the mission of leading the industry towards systematic collaboration, DCSA drives initiatives to make container transportation services transparent, reliable, easy to use, secure and environmentally friendly. DCSA’s open source standards are developed based on input from DCSA member carriers, industry stakeholders and technology experts from other industries. DCSA member carriers include:  MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, ONE, Evergreen, Yang Ming, HMM and ZIM. Please download DCSA standards at dcsa.org.

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