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Wirepas grabs a 100,000 unit deal in smart lighting

Wirepas, a leading wireless IoT connectivity provider, has closed its biggest smart lighting deal to date. The deal consists of Wirepas selling its connectivity software Wirepas Massive for inclusion in 100,000 units of Ingy lighting control solutions. The growing deal sizes are an indication of progress in digitalization of industries.

Wirepas and its long-standing partner Ingy, specialized in lighting solutions for smart buildings, bring an ultra-reliable, easy-to install, scalable wireless alternative for wired networks in smart buildings. The solutions cover both simple lighting control as well as the possibility to use lighting as a backbone network for applications such as asset tracking, indoor navigation, occupancy analytics and climate monitoring. The size of the mesh network has no limit; Wirepas already has networks with tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of devices running.

“This is our biggest single lighting deal to date and, together with our partner Ingy, allows us as to take a great grip on the smart building industry. Lighting matters as you can create a building-wide network on which any partner of ours can build. Clearly, this is just the beginning for us; there is a huge demand for connecting smart buildings quickly, securely, and affordably,” says Alan Sillito, Head of Global Key Accounts at Wirepas. He continues “The market of industrial IoT is about massive numbers of units. The long-talked about digitalization of industries is now happening for real as the frontrunner companies are seeing the benefits. The deal sizes are massive – and growing.”

The solution by Wirepas and Ingy explained

Wirepas Massive is a unique connectivity software that allows devices to automatically form limitless, reliable IoT networks. It is particularly performing in dense environments. Unlike other mesh technologies, it is built ground up for industrial purposes. Given it has no single point of failure, it never fails.

Ingy has built a full lighting control stack on top of Wirepas Massive. Providers of lighting equipment and sensors can either license the Ingy software to create an out-of-the-box smart lighting solution or purchase lighting products and components from Ingy partners. A wider range of Wirepas partners provide sensors going beyond lighting which can use the Wirepas Massive network created by the lighting to connect to the internet.

“We have been working closely with Wirepas over the last couple of years to build a truly scalable and distributed wireless mesh for lighting control which can offer the bandwidth and ecosystem of supported sensors required to deliver the backbone for a smart building. Many have dreamt of this but did not have the radio technology nor the range of sensors going beyond lighting to back it up. With Wirepas we are finally able to deliver on this vision. Our rapid success so far has shown that our customers recognize the difference we can deliver thanks to the Wirepas technology and the vast range of sensors we can access through their ecosystem,” says Bastiaan de Groot, CEO of Ingy.

The IoT solution Wirepas and Ingy provided to University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht in the Netherlands is one example of the companies’ past cooperation. More details in this case study.

Another example is the Zone college project, delivered by Koopman Interlight, one of the lighting companies leading the applications of Ingy technology. More details in this case study.

Wirepas Massive is a great fit for virtually any network requiring high reliability in a massive scale and devices deployed very densely. In addition to smart buildings, it already ensures the connectivity in several smart factories, in asset tracking and smart metering. Wirepas is the main contributor to the recently published DECT-2020 NR for 5G standard, based on the same architecture principles.

About Ingy

Ingy was founded in 2018 and focuses on delivering a scalable smart lighting system on top of the Wirepas network technology. Ingy does not only deliver a scalable and cost-efficient wireless lighting control system it also provides everything required to use the lighting as a backbone for the smart building. Ingy is a true believer in using an ecosystem to extend its solution and has developed a wide range of partners that deliver Ingy enabled lighting components, sensors that can utilize the Ingy Mesh network, System providers that can integrate Ingy and partner solution and portal providers that can store, visualize and analyze the data.

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