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Wirepas mesh 1 and 2? Err, maybe not

Jani Vehkalahti

Why would anyone go change a product name that seems to work just fine? Well, because things change! And that’s exactly what has happened at Wirepas. We are growing. We’ve been a one-product company for a long time. For most of our customers Wirepas equals Wirepas Mesh. Or even Wirepas Connectivity or Wirepas Pino. That’s how the product used to be called.

Now we have a new exciting (5G whoa!) product under development. Another one based on the same mesh stack, just with a new more capable OFDM radio technology providing more range and reliability on the 1.9GHz global unlicensed spectrum.

It is great to have two excellent mesh products on our hands. But then how to call them? Wirepas Mesh 1 and Wirepas Mesh 2? That did not sound too good. So, we went a bit deeper. Rather than saying WHAT it is, we thought of helping out the folks that are not so techy and saying what’s so unique about it.

Then it became easy. I mean projects like 700,000 devices in one mesh network and not a collection of thousands of isolated islands of subnetworks. That’s one heck of a network we’ve enabled. Mesh is an understatement. That’s massive. Probably the biggest in the world. And our customers have many more out there in the field. Sensors, tags, luminaires... In single, secure, massive networks.

So, we figured Wirepas Massive is pretty accurate. We like to keep things simple.

Now, if you need to connect thousands or millions of IoT devices, get in touch and let’s make your massive IoT deployment successful!


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