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Würth Elektronik and Wirepas cooperate

Würth Elektronik has entered into a partnership with the Finnish software developer Wirepas. The aim of the agreement is to offer a portfolio of radio modules that use the IoT network protocol Wirepas Massive from 2021. This innovative technology can be used to create IoT networks with 1000’s of nodes, for example battery-powered sensors, in which each participant also functions as a router. The mesh is self-healing and scalable as required. As part of an “early bird offer”, Würth Elektronik customers can already receive the tried and tested Proteus III / Thyone I hardware with firmware from Wirepas.

The design principles of the software stack from Wirepas were geared from the beginning to the requirements of the industry with regards to reliability, scalability and longevity of devices in battery operation. As a provider of compact and energy-saving radio modules in the 2.4 GHz band, Würth Elektronik is the ideal partner for manufacturing, selling and supporting ready-to-use radio modules for Wirepas Massive networks.

“This will make us a one-stop shop for companies that want to develop IoT solutions for remote monitoring and remote control of devices based on the extremely flexible and scalable Wirepas technology,” explains Dr. Michael Brauer, Head of Product Management in the Wireless Connectivity & Sensors Division at Würth Elektronik eiSos.

“There are a lot of interested parties and developers who are urgently waiting for Wirepas radio modules that are also available in smaller numbers. We have decided to be very flexible and offer a solution before the official start. “

Wirepas modules

With immediate effect, Würth Elektronik customers can receive their first radio module with Wirepas basic firmware. In cooperation with Wirepas, Würth Elektronik offers standard hardware in which the Wirepas firmware can be customized according to customer requirements. This means that an intelligent mesh network can be implemented for the customer within a very short time. The hardware is based on the Nordic chipset nRF52840, which has already proven itself very well at Würth Elektronik as the Bluetooth LE 5.1 module Proteus-III or as the 2.4GHz proprietary radio module Thyone-I. From the end of Q1 2021, a standard radio module, like all products at Würth Elektronik eiSos, will be available from stock without a minimum order quantity.

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