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Wirepas Massive

A pure software, IoT connectivity suite that allows you to connect, manage and locate millions of devices. Without the things you don’t need in IoT. Like subscriptions, heavy infrastructure and wires or middlemen. Gone are complex system integrations and connectivity deep learning. Sit back and let your data find the best way from devices to cloud by itself, autonomously. We give you software that handles density and scale in one network. Our 200 partners have already created hundreds of products globally with Wirepas Massive embedded and connected more than five million devices. They’ve even made the world’s biggest mesh with 920,000 devices in a single network. Piece of cake with our mesh embedded. Whatever your needs, just pick a product from our ecosystem or make your own if that’s your game! Simple and fast so that you get to concentrate on your business. More and faster IoT. With Wirepas Massive.


Industrial grade enterprise IoT

No matter how many millions of devices you want to connect, Wirepas Massive never lets you down. Forget single points of failure and interference nightmares. Our network adjusts itself as nodes change. Completely autonomous. Dynamic to the core.

It’s massive. Like no one else.​

Every sensor. Every tag. Every luminaire. Connected. In a single on-premise network. Without bandwidth issues. Connect as many devices you want. As dense as you like. It never fails. Built for Massive IoT.

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Faster. Better. Cheaper.

Drop the heavy infrastructure adn wires. Enter easy deployment. Forget about middlemen and pricey subscriptions. Enter killer performance. At an amazing cost.


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