Wirepas Mesh is now Wirepas Massive

We used to call it Wirepas Mesh. Now it’s Wirepas Massive. Pure connectivity software that always works. Without the things you don’t need. Like subscriptions and complex infrastructure. Or middlemen. We give you density and scale in one network. To connect millions of devices. Get more IoT. For less.


Industrial grade enterprise IoT

No matter how many millions of devices you want to connect, Wirepas Massive never lets you down. Forget single points of failure. Our network adjusts itself as nodes change. Completely autonomous. Dynamic to the core.

It’s Massive. Can’t be beaten.

Every sensor. Every tag. Every luminaire. Connected. In a single on-premise network. Connect as many devices you want. As dense as you like. It never fails.

It’s Massive. Can’t be beaten.

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Faster. Better. Cheaper.

Drop the heavy infrastructure. Enter easy deployment. Forget about middlemen and pricey subscriptions. Enter killer performance. At an amazing cost.

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“Wirepas Massive enabled us to unlock an exciting new range of opportunities for our CloudGate IoT gateway.” Alain Van den Broeck, CEO

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“Wirepas Massive has shown to be the most scalable and reliable connectivity technology for smart buildings enabling us to deliver multiple large scale IoT-solutions to our world-class customers.” Pasi Leipälä, CEO & Co-Founder

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