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Wirepas Private 5G

In development: The world’s first and only non-cellular 5G connectivity network for enterprise IoT. Connect millions of devices even in the toughest, most demanding environments. Coverage anywhere with a free global dedicated spectrum at 1.9 GHz. Imagine smart meters using 5G without subscription fees and without a slightest coverage issue. Or connected streetlights providing city-wide 5G network for other applications like parking and sewer monitoring. Or an emergency lighting solution that is easy to install and maintain. And it does not stop there. It can do way more. Like a wireless smart building management system that is as reliable as a wired one but for a fraction of the cost. You know cellular can’t do this stuff. But we can.


The only connectivity to outperform cellular 5G

Get 5G quality and reach for you enterprise IoT. Connect millions of devices in your secure on-premise network. And it just works! That’s Wirepas Private 5G.

Affordable 5G IoT

Stop paying for nothing. Forget middlemen, SIM-cards, subscriptions and heavy infrastructure. Get flat out better IoT. At a fraction of the cost of cellular.

Affordable 5G IoT

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Private 5G. You’re in control.

For your eyes only. On a global dedicated spectrum. A private environment with all the benefits of 5G. Keep your core assets safe without any middlemen.


Award winning 5G IoT

Frost & Sullivan analyzed the global 5G network infrastructure market. They came to a simple conclusion. Wirepas deserved to be awarded.


Non-cellular 5G. What’s that?

ITU-R (International Telecommunications Union) defines what 5G is. And for them, 5G is a triangle. Each corner has a different dimension: enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliably low latency communication (URLLC) and massive machine-type communication (mMTC). Cellular 5G is great in eMBB. And pretty good in URLLC. But there’s no well-performing, affordable cellular option for mMTC. That’s where we come in. Non-cellular 5G means massive networks, affordably for the masses.

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