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Warehousing and logistic

How do you track large amounts of assets cost and time-efficiently? Wirepas mesh makes it easy to deploy a network without scale or surface limits. And without any infrastructure or cables. Installation times can be as short as a day. They do not interrupt on-site activities. Any company can now save time and securely and efficiently trace its assets.

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Logistics end-to-end workflow digitalization

MECOMO is a leading solution provider for process and workflow digitalization. They offer their solution for logistics companies and their vast fleets of objects. They are an innovative frontrunner in providing intelligent end-to-end supply chain visibility. By extending its telematics solution portfolio with Wirepas-based sensor networks, Mecomo can add a whole new dimension of scalability, new use cases, and new markets on a global scale.

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Open and closed loop logistic

Logistic is a very fast growing market where visibility and traceability becomes more and more important. Wirepas is already helping numbers of Tier1 operators in their digitalization strategy, some in open loop logistics some in close loop ones. Wirepas technology thanks to its affordability, low power, high density and massive support is very well suited for many application.

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Digital transformation in warehousing

With a data and device-agnostic system architecture, the Precision Reality DMI SaaS platform was developed as a unifying digital twin platform to enable users to remotely view, track and manage their facilities and valuable assets in real-time from one centralized portal. Choosing Wirepas as a partner has propelled the Precision Reality platform to a place that will transform the industrial IoT market.

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End to end logistics visibility on servers

Major actors use Wirepas Massive Tracking to provide end-to-end visibility on the logistics of servers, from manufacturing to data centers to disposal, including positioning, regular inventory, and condition monitoring features. A typical data center may include hundreds of thousands of servers, and Wirepas Mesh is the only technology to manage this kind of scale.

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