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Wirepas – a history of impatience

It all started out as a research at the University of Tampere. In the year 2000 it was realized that the future belongs to the world of IoT. But the technologies available are not enough for industrial scale deployments. So it was decided to build a sustainable network to hold thousands, or more like hundreds of thousands of devices. In one single network.

By 2010 the university project turned into a company. We call it Wirepas. It gives you a complete network with devices and a customer interface for building and construction monitoring. We’re an impressive company right from the start.

Teppo Hemiä, our current CEO, joins us in 2014. He quickly realizes that our groundbreaking mesh network is something else and up for more. So we start focusing on the network alone as a SW, offering it to new business areas

In 2015 Aidon, a Nordic supplier of smart grid and smart metering technology, understands the potential of our network and wins a massive smart meter case in Oslo, Norway to create what’s still the world’s largest mesh network IoT deployment. 920 000 smart meters in a single network! After that, we start working with more use cases and markets, opening up the benefits of Wirepas technology for the logistics and tracking market, as well as buildings and factories.

By 2017 we’re really growing, with 50 people employed and reaching the landmark of having 2 million devices with our software deployed on the field.

In 2018 we build the largest IoT sensor network in the world together with Haltian, creating smart washrooms with 100 000 sensors in one network.

2020 is another of our landmark years, despite a worldwide pandemic. We are accepted into the DCSA global IoT logistics standard, and continue the path of standards by being key contributor in the ETSI standard coming out the same year. The DECT 2020 by ETSI, also becoming part of the ITU-R IMT-2020 i.e. 5G, leads to more global recognition and key accounts like Würth, Tatwah and Murata, just as it gives us a rise in the end customer market pull.

And 2021 has us closing the largest smart lighting deal in the market, with 100 000 lighting units.

A challenger brand at heart, we’re still impatient. So we get things done. We believe in open standards and ecosystems. We get our kicks from democratizing connectivity. We’re changing the future of IoT. We are Wirepas. And we don’t like bad IoT. Why should anyone?

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