Straight outta tampere

In Tampere we can’t stand bullshit. We like genuine stuff. Like a decent sausage. And enterprise IoT as it should be. We have the best wireless connectivity there is. At your service. Ready to change your business. Put all your things in one killer network. Free from infrastructure. And middlemen. All yours. For much less.

The world’s first non-cellular 5G

Stay tuned for the world’s first and only non-cellular 5G connectivity technology for enterprise IoT - Wirepas Private 5G. Connect millions of devices even in the toughest, most demanding environments. Coverage anywhere with a free global dedicated spectrum at 1.9 GHz. You know cellular can’t do that. But we can. At the fraction of the cost of cellular.

Saving lives with IoT

WIREPAS CUSTOMER CASE. Did you know a nurse can spend more than two hours a week just looking for the right equipment? This was the challenge for three London hospitals in the spring of 2020, in desperate need of a tracking solution to ease the burdens imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Saving lives with IoT.png

Total lighting control

WIREPAS CUSTOMER CASE. Most hotel lighting solutions can’t provide all the options you want while keeping things simple, intuitive and easy to install. Together with us, Mount Kelvin changed all this for VALO Hotel & Work.

Smart light.png

Where's the car?

WIREPAS CUSTOMER CASE. When the design department of a car manufacturer needs to locate cars or component prototypes in a hurry, there's no time to search it's warehouses. Stuck with and end-of-life barcode-based inventory system, this was the problem of facing one world-leading German automotive brand.

Intranav cars.png
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