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The best mesh for IoT – in my opinion

I’m Ville’s Mom, and I’ll tell you what Wirepas is all about. Forget the empty promises of IoT. We know how to do it properly. Done the right way, IoT can result in significant benefits. It may be cost reductions, overall operations improvement, and optimization in any business. Our role is to keep you safe from those who can’t walk their talk—IoT in general–connectivity in particular. So you get to focus on your business. We provide the reliable software Connectivity Suite for affordable massive IoT deployments. And we are the first ones to offer non-cellular 5G. Wirepas brings you IoT as it should be. In my opinion.

This is what we've got

Let’s face it. We’ve had a couple of different names for the same product these past years. Mom told us to snap out of it and choose something. We think we’ve finally cracked the code. Here it is: Wirepas Connectivity Suite. The idea behind this is that we realized we see “connectivity” differently from others in a very broad way. For us, connectivity is not just the connectivity; it’s about making it quickly, reliably, and securely.

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The 5G mesh for IoT

Stay tuned for the world’s best non-cellular 5G connectivity technology for enterprise IoT - Wirepas 5G Mesh. Our 5G Mesh is based on the ETSI DECT-2020 NR 5G Standard. We didn’t just make it up. It’s a real thing. With our 5G Mesh, you can connect millions of devices even in the toughest, most demanding environments. Coverage anywhere with a free global dedicated spectrum at 1.9 GHz. You know cellular can’t do that. But we can. At a fraction of the cost of cellular.

Make, get, combine as you need

Very very good IoT requires a very very good ecosystem. Our 200+ partners have created numerous Wirepas-embedded products globally so that you have the choice to buy ready-made or develop yourself. Once you have built your product or solution, join the ecosystem and scale up your business offering.

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