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Tracking for construction

In an industry renowned for costly overruns, expensive equipment, skilled labor shortages and increasingly short project schedules, IoT can help construction companies leverage location data to help them succeed. Whether you're handling the project management, workers' safety or equipment inventory, Wirepas Connectivity Suite enables valuable data to flow from the devices to the platform in a secure and optimized way without interfering with the operations or need for specialized personnel deploying the network.

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Construction site management solution

OMNISCIENT is focused on securing construction thanks to IoT. The company has been incubated by the construction giant Bouygues Construction. Omniscient deployed a Wirepas geolocation-based solution for safety, team management, and tool tracking among several projects. The critical value is easy deployment, typically over 15,000 sqm in under four days. The highly light infrastructure comprises battery-operated anchors creating a mesh throughout the building. It allows tracking workers instantly and with minimal installation time when a new floor is built.

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Workers safety in tunnel

In a 16-kilometer stretch of tunnels under Paris, France’s train operator SNCF needed to keep 500 workers safe and secure. The project was completed by ELA Innovation based on the Wirepas technology. A minimum infrastructure of battery-operated anchors every 25 meters on the tunnel walls was deployed, with low power consumption allowing autonomy for eight years. Accuracy and reliability of the Wirepas network provided safety (evacuation, trains passing, automated zone entry/exit, etc.). Moreover, the solution was deployed in a few weeks during in night during closing.

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Safe construction and Location solution

Through Wirepas technology, WakeCap improves safety, efficiency, and productivity on construction sites. And wherever workers and assets need to be kept safe – even underground. Already 15.000 workers are connected to date. With 20+ million staff hours logged. Low-power consumption allows 18 months of battery life. Zero installation configuration was required. No internet or GPS is required.

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