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Smart Metering

So you’re into smart metering? So are we! Our partners have deployed millions of smart meters embedding Wirepas connectivity technology. The biggest single network is already more than a million devices. You read it right. No subnetworks, one single network. With way lower TCO than most options. Easy to roll out and update. Autonomous and self-healing. Pick a smart meter from one of our partners or make your own if that’s your game! We just know how to win tenders. Want to know more? Keep scrolling or book a meeting.


Read data in real-time at any scale and density. Control your devices at any time. Stretch your network as you need. No one else offers you this.

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Build your device with off-the-shelf radio. Integrate DLMS or lighting applications with Wirepas Connectivity Suite. And enjoy! No heavy infrastructure or network planning is required. That makes installation easy for any electrician. Costs of running the show are low — no operator subscription fees. No middlemen. Just your devices forming your smart network. Monitor and update the complete system over the air. Develop fast, and save costs.

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The devices are the network. Throw in a gateway for every 1000 devices, and you’re done. That’s your network. Really, nothing else. Forget network planning. Forget finding a location for concentrators. Forget deep indoors as any device can be a router. Forget active network management. Just easy deployment by anyone. In no time.

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I'm Jani from Wirepas. My job is to remove the complexity of the wireless. I've worked closely with smart metering partners to succeed in the Nordics and Indian markets. Do not hesitate to contact me directly. Your contact will be the start of a successful journey together!


World's first non-cellular 5G

Yes, it’s a standard. DECT 2020 NR is the world’s first non-cellular 5G technology and is part of IMT-2020 5G by ITU. Ideal for smart metering. This standard unleashes the 1.9 GHz spectrum available worldwide. Radio hardware requirements are inherited from the cellular world. The standard combines the most advanced radio specification and wireless de-centralized mesh protocol. A unique mixture is born. What’s even better, any application can run on top of the wireless protocol. No subscriptions. Just non-cellular 5G.


latest and greatest in rf mesh

Creating a network may get costly and complicated. With the Wirepas Connectivity Suite, you get a whole new viewpoint. A Wirepas network comes from a different direction. There’s no need to build an extensive infrastructure. Instead, the meters themselves create the main infrastructure. This means lower investments, installations, and operational costs—no network configurations. The Wirepas Connectivity Suite automatically takes care of the network provisioning. The self-healing network adapts and configures itself on the fly, autonomously. For example, messages are automatically re-routed if a meter fails, and the communication load is rebalanced.

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