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Emergency Lighting

We make your emergency lighting system simpler, faster, cheaper, and easier. You need affordability, aggressive time to market, and the lightest commissioning and maintenance costs. Get the best connectivity for Emergency lights monitoring, automatic bookkeeping and dynamic pictograms. See how Wirepas-based products are already deployed. Already on over 1500+ sites and some of the possible use cases.

Emergency lights are deployed everywhere. There are many installations, from small businesses with few lights up to enormous installations like airports. Because of the safety attached to emergency lighting, there are several regulatory requirements related to the monitoring of the installation. That's where IoT is entering the picture.

What are the main benefits of emergency lights connected with Wirepas:

  • Get automatic monitoring either live or via local digital bookkeeping.

  • Ease installation of the system by getting information from devices from the air rather than complex serial numbers or QR codes.

  • Improve the safety through new use cases, like dynamic pictograms.

  • Also, enable new use cases leveraging the density of emergency lights to open new use cases like asset tracking or indoor wayfinding.

Why is Wirepas the best partner to connect your emergency lights?

  • Simpler to design. With Wirepas mesh network topology, each luminaire extends the network having many routes to send and receive data. Install one gateway and connect 1000s of lights across many floors.

  • Simpler to Install. There are no complex network setups. Installations can be done in a few hours by non-radio expert staff. The unique decentralized operation of Wirepas and automatic provisioning make the network manages itself autonomously and without any complex configurations. In addition, installers can immediately get information on their smartphones about the network performance while installing.

  • Easier to scale up. Our mesh network makes the scaling of your emergency lighting system easy as just adding new devices. That's it. The system supports bi-directional communication, and the high reliability opens new use cases like dynamic pictograms. Finally, the installed emergency lights can be used as a backbone for other usages, such as positioning, building monitoring, indoor wayfinding, or whatever.

  • Develop your solution in no time. Thanks to our complete Wirepas Connectivity Suite combined with our available service package, you can develop your solution in less than nine months. Focus on your use cases, your value, and Wirepas brings the rest.

Operation principles

Have a closer look at how an emergency lighting control system embedding Wirepas works: All lights are equipped with a supported radio chipset and a running Wirepas mesh connectivity stack. Inside the chipset are running the Wirepas stack and your application. To do the development, you leverage our chipset vendor-independent SDK. Thanks to the unique Wirepas decentralized operation, any light can become a mesh router at any time. The lights themselves decide which lights are routers or not and how the mesh forms and maintains. All nodes can automatically select their roles. For the installation, each luminaire automatically receives its parameters from the network using the Wirepas Provisioning. They can also send their status, including installation quality, using BLE advertisement packets that a smartphone can receive. So that installers can get an immediate status. A few gateways are then installed to connect the local Wirepas network to a server. Cloud or on-premises remains your choice as you fully own and master your data. Once connected, your data immediately flies from the device to a gateway. As part of that data, you get built-in diagnostics so that you get to monitor your network. Finally, the emergency lighting system can serve as a backbone to any battery-powered sensors. For any additional and future scenarios such as indoor wayfinding or asset Tracking. Gateways can also be added for enhanced throughput and reliability.

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