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We challenge, we innovate and we get shit done. But all work and no play would make us terribly dull. So to us, there’s no Wirepas without passion. If you think the world deserves better IoT, we really believe this is the place to be.

We are a growing team of IoT passionates working all over the globe. If you want to save the world from bad IoT, you should join our club.


The world’s happiest working culture

Finland is the happiest country on earth. Said no Finn ever, but researchers do say so. One of the things adding to it is the Nordic work culture of trust, including responsibility, freedom, and value for flat hierarchies.


We offer you flexibility

Locational flexibility and remote work are normal. If you rather meet colleagues IRL and enjoy the office life, that’s an option. For some roles, we need you in the office, but that is simply to ensure you have all the needed equipment.


Work that matters

Saving the world from bad IoT is a challenge on its own. Try adding a dash of standardization, some start-up life, and a lot of developing something new. Take it with impact because that’s what our IoT is full of.


Diversity is how we roll

We may be Straight outta Tampere, but taking over the world needs diversity. We’ve got genuinely international working culture from people all over the world. We like to think we’ve got the best talents.

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