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Every IoT project is unique. The Wirepas technology, combined with various profiles, opens a wide range of massive use cases and applications. Because in the end, it is your IoT project. It’s about how you want to develop your solution. Wirepas offers you two main avenues for your IoT project development. Make it if your strategy is to build your devices and your end-to-end solution. Get it if you prefer to get the answers from our ecosystem. Combine if you want to develop some critical devices and get others’ help from the ecosystem.



If you want to build your solution, Wirepas Connectivity Suite is what you need. You’ll get the complete suite from Wirepas so that you can develop your solution. Get our deliverables under a simple license, select your service fee and start creating your solution. On our Developer Portal, you get access to all documentation. You will not be left alone at any step of the way. We are here to support you.


Wirepas partners built their solution with Wirepas Connectivity Suite. Here are a few customer case examples:

  • Clevertronics has developed the Zoneworks XT HIVE system based on Wirepas Connectivity Suite. They created the solution by themselves with support from Wirepas in less than one year, leveraging both Mesh 2.4 GHz and Mesh Sub-GHz profiles. Learn More

  • Nokē®, Inc., a leading developer of commercial smart locking solutions, developed a complete connected lock system leveraging Mesh 2.4 GHz Low power capabilities. Learn More

  • Organic Response, part of the Fagerhult Group, developed a complete solution for Smart buildings, including lighting, space management, and other services based on Mesh 2.4 GHz profile. Learn More

  • Aidon developed a complete smart metering solution based on the Mesh Sub-GHz profile. They deployed more than three million smart meters. They own the most extensive mesh network record, with more than 920,000 meters in a single mesh network.


Want to leverage the very very good Wirepas Connectivity Suite for massive IoT but don’t have the skills in-house or just don’t have the product knowledge? No need to worry. The Wirepas Ecosystem is here to serve. With more than 200 global partners and various levels of expertise, you should find the partners to fit your needs. Our partners can be located on our partner page, or our team will be super happy to guide you toward the best option.


Wirepas’ rich ecosystem is here to help you when developing your IoT solution. Here are a few examples:

  • Tosyali Toyo, Turkey’s first state-of-the-art value-added flat steel producer trusted on Wirepas ecosystem partner D4 Industry to manage tracking of more than 30,000 steel coils in a 250,000m² factory. Learn More

  • SNCF (French National Railway Company) relies on Wirepas Connectivity to guarantee the safety of its technicians during maintenance work in tunnels. Our partner ELA Innovation provided them the complete solution, including Tags and Anchors from themself, combined with gateways from SolidRun and IoT platform from Synox. ELA, SolidRun, and Synox are all active members of the Wirepas ecosystem. Learn More

  • Sulzer is a global leader in fluid engineering and the world’s largest pumping, agitation, mixing, separation, and application technologies developer. For their Sulzer Sense – Wireless condition monitoring solution, Sulzer partnered with ecosystem partner Treon to co-develop the solution. It includes sensor node, gateway, and overall architecture, all connected with Mesh 2.4 GHz profile. Learn More


Make or get are not the only options. There’s the in-between, combine. You can always combine devices from our Ecosystem with your own devices to really focus on your business. Just get the additional devices, solutions, and platforms from our Wirepas Ecosystem. Whatever you need to accelerate your IoT development.


A diverse ecosystem also allows combining devices, so you can focus on your business and get fast to market. A few examples:

  • Schaeffler Optime is an IoT solution for machine condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and smart lubrication. Schaeffler has partnered with Wirepas Ecosystem partners Wapice and Treon for IoT platform and gateway development and integration. Learn More

  •  illumiPure, the premier air purification technology and equipment manufacturer that elevates the safety of public spaces, uses Wirepas to connect Air Guardian and Vertices devices. Built into their solution is a Rigado gateway, a Wirepas ecosystem partner, to accelerate their development and focus on their products. Learn More

  • Intrex is a provider of safety and wellness solutions for Senior Living CARE. Intrex has created its own devices, tapping Symbiotech for embedded and Wirepas specific expertise. Intrex also leverages and integrates devices from Ruuvi, Promistel, Haltian, Tatwah, and BlueUp to provide a complete solution for tracking and sensoring using the Mesh 2.4 GHz profile. Learn More

  • RFiD Discovery - ParagonID provides a complete solution for asset tracking. They integrate Wirepas positioning technology and leverage the Wirepas ecosystem for devices. Among others, they use products from BlueUp beacons, Tatwah, ELA Innovation, and SolidRun to serve their projects. Learn More


Finally, if you want to become part of the Wirepas ecosystem, we will make you visible on our partner page so you can leverage your development on other applications. Our partner program helps you with visibility and co-marketing to increase your business. Simple with the Wirepas Ecosystem.

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