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Meet our marketing & communications team!

We are here to make sure people hear the message of very very good IoT. We don't want Mom to lose her voice either. So we will help you promote Wirepas and make sure everyone gets seen. Our ambitions might be bigger than our resources. That's how we are progressing the whole IoT field. Challenging not just a competitor, but pretty much all of them. We are bold. And obsessed to improve. Because we know a smarter way: Together. We are here for you too. We are happy to work together, and you may always reach out to us. Go ahead!

Co-marketing with Wirepas

Partnership is not just a nice word. It’s about amplifying the messages of each other. Together we can share news, write blogs and otherwise work for the same goal. Let’s plan on how to get there. Let’s work together to support each other. Let's get together and build a marketing community.



Meet our spokesperson, MOM. You may have met her already. She likes to brag. She's quite visible, and we are happy to let her speak for you too. But as she boasts for us, we do protect her. We are pleased to share her in any co-marketing efforts that we have produced. If you would like to use Mom on your materials, ask us, and we'll talk.


This is us and we're here to help!

Meet the core team. Mia Karlsson heads this energetic team with expertise in content marketing, customer experience and ecosystem marketing.

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Partner Marketing Starter Kit

Looking for the Wirepas logo? Or headshots of the leadership or sales team? Maybe need a product pic or help to work with our branding? Look no further!

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