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Master IoT connectivity

It’s massive. It’s reliable. It’s scalable. See what is behind our Massive and Private 5G connectivity suites. And how performant our decentralized operation is. No matter the environment, Wirepas Massive and Private 5G will always find a way to get your devices connected. Discover how it works, what it can do, and what it can’t. Without bullshit.

The most reliable and scalable IoT connectivity

From sparse to dense, from low-power to high performance. Our Connectivity Suite opens you to a large spectrum of use cases in many applications. We provide Industrial-grade reliability and security required in B2B large-scale IoT applications. Select the best profile based on your needs between our Mesh 2.4 GHz or Sub-GHz, and our newly standardized 5G Mesh in 1.9 GHz.


Affordable IoT

Deploy large networks with close to zero infrastructure or complex network planning. Your devices are the network. The complete system can be installed by anybody, everywhere, and in record time. Your network. No middlemen or network operators. No recurring subscriptions. The same way you own your network, you also own your data. This gives you freedom of choice for your cloud infrastructure. Control your development costs by leveraging our large ecosystem. You get to focus on your business. We support off-the-shelf radios so that you can select your preferred chipset or module supplier.


Fastest Time to Market

For a proper Massive IoT deployment, fast time to market is essential. Wirepas Connectivity Suite allows you to quickly develop and integrate your IoT application from embedded devices to the cloud. Don’t spend time and resources learning network management, upgrades, and connectivity. We have already built the puzzle for you. You’re never alone. We offer a great developer experience with a developer portal and direct support packages so that you never get stuck during your development. We provide you with one SDK across multiple chipsets and modules so that you can run your product across the hardware you choose.

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