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Affordable tracking for everything. The easy install

Ben Corrado

Massive buildings mean a massive amount of assets to locate, and limited budgets lead to massive headaches.  Enter Wirepas Massive Smart Tracking.  At Wirepas, we know that nothing causes IoT projects to languish in pilot purgatory longer than system cost and complexity.  To get your IoT systems delivering on business outcomes, Wirepas has focused on making Smart Tracking with Wirepas Massive meet the following criteria: 

  • Easy to deploy with non-technical staff 

  • Lowest cost system 

  • Accurate to within a few meters 

To make it easy to deploy, the hardware lasts for many years on small batteries, meaning no wires are required to install the system.  To top it off, you don’t need to build anything.  With Wirepas Massive Smart Tracking, you can buy devices from our ecosystem and deploy them. 

The installation process is simple:  

  • Set up a Wirepas Massive compatible gateway and connect it to ethernet or cellular. 

  • Place anchors where you want to track things and record where you put them on a digital map.   

  • Attach trackers to your assets. 

Ta-da! You can now watch your assets’ location on the map or through an API.  It really is that simple for the end user to set up. 

Don’t take my word for it, listen to how some of our customers are doing this already.  During the pandemic, hospitals have been using minimal and remotely trained staff to install equipment and personnel tracking. From the initial decision to full development, it has taken one Wirepas client just a month to deploy 90,000sqm of space with over 3,000 tracked assets.  Plus, with Omniscient, we have construction sites deploying entire sites of over 15,000 sqm in under 4 days!  These are just a few examples of how fast and easy it is to use Wirepas Massive Smart Tracking. Try it yourself with one of our demo kits, reach out at  for more info. 

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I'm Youssef from Wirepas. My job is to remove the complexity of the wireless. Do not hesitate to contact me directly. Your contact will be the start of a successful journey together!

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