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BGM Partners with Wirepas

  • Wirepas Massive, a unique mesh connectivity software, enables real-time asset position and location tracking needs wirelessly

  • BGM Electronic Services technology helps customers manage inventory, prevent equipment malfunctions and reduce produce waste

BGM Electronic Services, a full-service engineering, design, and manufacturing solution, announced its partnership with Wirepas, a company on a mission to democratize IoT connectivity. Wirepas Massive, a unique connectivity software, enables BGM Electronic Services’ sensors to more effectively get customers’ information to the cloud in real-time, providing the most advanced fully wireless asset-tracking available to the automotive, industrial, logistics, and medical industries.

BGM Electronic Services has predefined building blocks for rapid deployment of an IoT network. By developing a complete network or sensor and gateway solutions, the engineering staff can create custom packaging for a specific environment and provide FCC-approved wireless solutions. With Wirepas technology in its sensors, BGM Electronic Services can increase the density of sensors in a given location and has improved sensory battery life.

Using Wirepas technology embedded in BGM Electronic Services’ pallet sensors and mobile gateways, customers can track and monitor everything in real-time, from people to equipment, for safety purposes and to reduce waste or unplanned downtime. Partnering with DMI’s Precision Reality Platform we provide real-time data, app development and data analytics.

Specific examples include:

  • Cold-chain asset tracking can make the logistics conditions visible to increase the product’s shelf-life and minimize produce waste.

  • Automotive Industry – During the construction of Automotive manufacturing plants, BGM Electronic Services has installed Wirepas enabled networks to monitor people and equipment for safety purposes. This same infrastructure will be used for asset tracking after the plant is built.

  • Medical Industry – BGM Electronic Services produces wearables used in drug clinical trials to track physiological data.

  • Industrial Market – BGM Electronic Services produces Wirepas enabled sensors to condition-monitor manufacturing equipment to prevent malfunctions and transmit data wirelessly, providing significant savings over traditional copper wiring.

“At Wirepas, we champion doing things differently and value partners who think outside the box to bring the best, cutting-edge solutions to their industries. We’re happy to be BGM Electronic Services’ reliable network on which they build and innovate in an industry that touches all of us somehow,” says Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas.

“Wirepas is a true partner helping us bring unprecedented value to our IoT customers in the Automotive, Medical, Industrial and Cold-Chain markets. Utilizing Wirepas we can deploy custom packaged BLE sensors in a concentrated area. We combine these sensors with our battery powered cellular Wirepas enabled gateway to give our customers real-time data on their phone or desktop.” says Terry Bishop, President of BGM Electronic Services.

About BGM Electronic Services

BGM Electronic Services provides electronic, mechanical and software engineering services to transform our customers ideas to production products. BGM Electronic Services also has PCB manufacturing capability from quick turn prototyping to high volume production. Our new Auburn Hills Michigan Technical Center is also home to our extensive EMC test services and Failure Analysis Lab. BGM Electronic Services services the Automotive, Medical, IoT and Industrial markets.

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