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CA Engineering and Wirepas team up

CA Engineering is an industry-acclaimed engineering firm that has offered novel solutions to complex wireless use cases since 1995. With deep expertise in every phase of wireless device design, development, and delivery, CA Engineering has shipped hundreds of thousands of wireless devices globally in nearly every marketplace, including enterprise, medical, defense, telematics, energy, and heavy industrial.

The entire history of the “Internet of Things” is deeply tied to the history of CA Engineering, whose spirit of innovation has led to a number of firsts, including the world’s first 802.11a battery-powered Wi-Fi device. CA Engineering’s IoT hall of fame also includes the world’s largest–and most secure–Microsoft Azure Sphere deployment.

Known for dependability, innovation, and a broad range of expertise in all things wireless, CA Engineering likes to say, “This ain’t our first rodeo.”

CA Engineering with Wirepas Mesh offers key distinctive advantages for IoT projects, including:

  • Industry-acclaimed Wirepas engineering implementation and support

  • The ability to create an efficient and highly scalable single network with over 100,000+ nodes

  • Enterprise-class security and reliability (99.99%)

“CA Engineering makes wireless development easy, and our partnership with Wirepas elevates our wireless offerings. Now, customers have the capability to add thousands of nodes to a network by simply using a battery-powered IoT device. Complex connectivity scenarios in rugged industrial environments can now be managed by meshing thousands of battery-operated nodes into a single network, creating seamless solutions for macroscale problems. Wirepas is the perfect partner for mesh IoT.” - Ray Ivins, EVP Sales

“Wirepas believes in partnerships and ecosystem collaboration in IoT. Our Connectivity Suite is built for a wide range of use cases in the diverse IoT market. Our partners make the important final product fit with customized hardware, application software, and integration skills required by the use case. CA Engineering is the perfect partner, as they have long experience in turning customer requirements into complete products.” - Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas

About CA Engineering

CA Engineering partners with Fortune 100 companies to deliver enterprise-class wireless solutions that improve the quality of individuals’ lives and make wireless development easy. The Utah-based engineering design and manufacturing group is owned and operated by employees, enabling teams to make values-driven decisions that result in high-quality, innovative solutions. CA Engineering’s comprehensive approach to radio frequency science enables its industry-acclaimed team to push the limits of what is possible in wireless technology. Learn more at

About Wirepas

Wirepas is a leading IoT company with a mission to democratize enterprise IoT. It aims to make failure-free connectivity accessible to any enterprise of any size. It makes IoT real through its connectivity software, enabling massive decentralized, scalable, high-density, and long-range network applications. Its technology lets any enterprise set up and manage its own network autonomously without operators, separate network infrastructure, middlemen, or subscriptions - at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Wirepas is also the main contributor to the first non-cellular 5G standard, purpose-built for massive IoT and using a free global spectrum. It serves customers across the world with offices in Australia, Germany, Finland, France, India, and the United States, in the areas of smart tracking, smart building, smart manufacturing, and smart metering. Learn more at

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