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Cassia Networks Introduces a Line of Gateways with Wirepas Mesh Support

Cassia Networks launches a new line of Wirepas Mesh supported gateways to support customers.

SAN JOSE, CA., January 18, 2024 – Cassia Networks Inc., a leading provider of enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions, today announces the release of its new line of Wirepas Mesh supported gateways: X2000-WP, ATX2000-WP, and E1000-WP.

Currently, Cassia IoT gateways are present in over 35 countries, on all continents, with multiple certifications to support varied customer needs. Adding Wirepas Mesh support to several Cassia gateways is a strategic move to meet the fast-growing demand from a significant customer base that uses Wirepas Mesh in their IoT devices.

According to Cassia’s CEO, Felix Zhao, “we are excited to introduce IoT gateways with Wirepas Mesh support. They are a great addition to our existing line of gateways and have a wide application in Industrial IoT, Asset Tracking, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities and many other emerging sectors.”

Wirepas Mesh solves the traditional challenges of massive IoT networks by offering industrial grade reliability at any scale and density. Low-cost, battery-operated router devices enable easy deployment without heavy infrastructure or wires. Self-healing, auto optimized, and future-proof Wirepas Mesh offers low total cost of ownership.

The Cassia Networks line of Wirepas Mesh supported gateways includes three gateways that are suited for a variety of indoor and outdoor industrial needs and even for hazardous area environments. X2000-WP, ATX2000-WP, and E1000-WP gateways perform the function of an Internet gateway in the Wirepas Mesh network and help complement the coverage and reliability of the Wirepas Mesh network with Cassia’s patented long-range technology and Enterprise IoT functions. Cassia Networks X2000-WP, ATX2000-WP, and E1000-WP gateways can be custom-designed to support both Bluetooth and Wirepas Mesh and are ideal for a range of industries and applications.

John Hartley, CEO of Extronics, (a BARTEC company), said “Wirepas is an amazing technology that allows for low cost, low maintenance and easy to deploy battery-powered mesh networks that support sensors or location tracking. Extronics has recently launched a Wirepas hazardous area tracking solution for people and assets. Our partnership with Cassia Networks means we can also offer a Wirepas-enabled BLE gateway in the ATX2000-WP, allowing our customers to benefit from a full solution – tags, anchors, and the gateway. Having both technologies available in the ATX2000-WP allows customers to future proof their site whilst establishing a low-cost battery-powered hazardous area tracking solution.

As Zhao further explains “IoT gateways that have the capability to support both Wirepas Mesh and Bluetooth at the same time are quite unique.” Cassia Networks continues its focus on products that are flexible and scalable, easy to manage, secure, and reliable.

We are thrilled to see our technology integrated into Cassia Networks’ gateways, further expanding the device portfolio using Wirepas Mesh. This is great news for everyone using Wirepas technology in their large-scale industrial mesh networks. Our collaboration with Cassia Networks underlines our commitment to make IoT adoption easy and efficient for our industry,” says Oula Välipakka, Head of Partner Growth at Wirepas.
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About Cassia Networks
Cassia Networks is the leading provider of enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. Their patented technology provides the most reliable and easy to manage long-range, multiple device connectivity, edge processing and locationing for Bluetooth IoT networks. Their mission is to solve the IoT connectivity, locationing and management challenges faced by today’s enterprises and make IoT easy.
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