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Combining the reliability of wires with the benefits of wireless in emergency lighting

Eden Suire

Emergencies do happen, unfortunately. And when they do, the last thing you want is your support infrastructure letting you down. Emergency lighting systems play a crucial role in ensuring building occupants' safety during emergencies, making the choice of technology a strategic decision for facility and property owners. Staying ahead of the curve requires innovative solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but are also fast and easy to install and maintain while still being ultra-reliable. 

Enter Wirepas technology, ultra-reliable wireless connectivity already deployed in 500,000+ emergency lights around the world. Besides enabling an intelligent network of whatever size that literally cannot fail, it requires very little infrastructure making network design, deployment and maintenance as easy as plug and play devices. As an example, one of our partners reduced their commissioning time from 7 days to 15 minutes and optimized their maintenance with a simple smartphone application. And that’s just one example. Think of the reliability of wired combined with the benefits of wireless. Here’s a summary of what it offers: 

1. Ultra-reliability: In the event of an emergency, the reliability of emergency lighting systems can make all the difference. Wirepas technology's robust mesh networking always finds a communication path, minimizing the risk of system failure. Solution providers can have peace of mind knowing that their emergency lighting systems will perform flawlessly when needed most, reducing liability concerns, and enhancing building safety. 

2. Fast and easy deployment and maintenance: Beyond compliance and safety, efficient operations are critical for business success. Wirepas’ quick and seamless integration with existing building management systems (BMS) reduce design and installation costs, and enable low maintenance efforts.  

3. Going beyond the lights: Talking about efficiency, what is you could use your emergency lighting network for much more than just lights? Having sensors measuring temperature or detecting movement or air quality or something else all in the same network? That’s all possible with Wirepas technology, stretching the same network to any other application and to whatever scale. Even millions. 

By leveraging Wirepas technology in their wireless emergency lighting solutions, solution providers can differentiate themselves by offering cutting-edge, ultra-reliable wireless solutions that prioritize fast and easy deployment and maintenance, elevating emergency lighting solutions to new heights. And, of course, it’s all future-proof. Our technology offers forward compatibility and adaptability, ensuring easy integration of future enhancements and innovations into the existing emergency lighting systems. 

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