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Why borrow from IT when you can create your own OT network?

Jason Herro

“Sharing is caring” is true in many aspects of life. However, when it comes to corporate IT, sharing your network can harm and jeopardize data and crucial information. The more you add to the network, the more opportunities there are to get something tangled.

There’s also all the operational technology (OT) needed to make sure operations will run smoothly, efficiently, and make a lot of tasks more straightforward and less time consuming. Sometimes implementing the OT may encounter different barriers set up by the IT, who are simply trying to keep everything secure and intact.

What if these two essential parts of a business could work side by side without interference and fundamental barriers? They can. In fact, it happens all the time in manufacturing and hospitals. In manufacturing, critical process information can be sent securely inside the four walls without ever seeing an external network. In hospitals, one of the uses of OT can save lives by tracking essential tools. When time can be saved from looking for things, the time is reserved for much more critical tasks, such as caring for patients.

A Wirepas powered network can almost be treated as something that can be simply dropped into the operations with minimal need from the IT department. The OT network is formed by the individual devices that are added to it. The data is being transferred to any cloud by a set of gateways. The number of gateways is usually minimal, such as 1 per 1000 devices.

At a later time the secure network can be added to any IT network to make a strong IT/OT bond, and simple enough to keep them apart at the start or forever. We know how it’s done. Do you?

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