Crowd Connected and Wirepas in drive to make buildings truly navigable and searchable - Wirepas

Crowd Connected and Wirepas in drive to make buildings truly navigable and searchable


Location Intelligence and IoT Leaders Join Forces in World First 

Crowd Connected and Wirepas announce an exciting step forward in combining their respective technologies. It brings together their navigation and tracking capabilities in a single solution.

Crowd Connected is the first Wirepas global partner to deploy wireless mesh technology for both tracking and blue dot wayfinding, within the same battery-operated hardware unit.

At Biotech Week Boston, a global biopharmaceutical congress, the new solution successfully tracked delegates, supplied real-time data outputs to organizer Informa Connect and delivered an enhanced customer experience, including indoor wayfinding. 

The tracking technology removed the need for scanning, eliminating queues at the event. The blue dot navigation allowed conference delegates to find their way around. It provided reliable and readily available attendance numbers and dwell times to the event organizer.

James Cobb, CEO and Founder at Crowd Connected comments: 

Our vision is to bring together navigation and search in a single solution. Helping people find equipment, find people and find their way. Ultimately we want to make buildings as navigable and searchable as the web. For the end user this means giving them the ‘sixth sense’ ability to navigate and find what they’re looking for.  For the building operator this means tracking everything and everyone in their building or space, so they can manage it better."

“Biotech Week Boston is an exciting step towards this vision – with a single hardware installation providing indoor positioning for wayfinding and tag tracking for more than 3,500 delegates. Our Wirepas partnership is a key enabler – allowing us to extend our tracking solutions across very large spaces with low-cost battery-powered devices. We have the proof that we can deploy this in a matter of hours in venues for temporary events."

“As a result, we’re gaining huge interest from smart buildings in sectors such as healthcare and education, where there is clear economic payback in people finding their way or locating vitally important equipment. I’m delighted this partnership gives us the ability to serve these markets with an affordable and easy-to-deploy solution.”

Oula Välipakka, Head of Partner Growth at Wirepas adds:

”At Wirepas, we believe that companies like Crowd Connected are the ones that can make a difference and have a positive impact by daring to think differently. We are very happy to welcome Crowd Connected to our ecosystem. Their attendee tracking system is a state-of-the art example of innovation and how many features they have been able to offer with a fully wireless Wirepas Mesh based system.” 

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