CTHINGS.CO partners up with Wirepas to enrich IoT ecosystem with 5G Connectivity and remote systems orchestration - Wirepas

CTHINGS.CO partners up with Wirepas to enrich IoT ecosystem with 5G Connectivity and remote systems orchestration

March 16, 2022 - CTHINGS.CO, an end-to-end provider of 5G IoT solutions, announced today a partnership with the IoT technology company Wirepas, joining forces to improve devices and systems management capabilities and expand the ecosystem possibilities through 5G connectivity.

In a mission to bridge non-cellular and cellular networks, CTHINGS.CO has added support for Wirepas Massive connectivity to its 5G IoT Gateway, a device that serves as a platform for edge application deployment with the added advantage of seamless 5G backhaul.
The 5G IoT Gateway is an essential element in CTHINGS.CO’s 5G Suite solution, alongside an orchestration platform that allows users to safely monitor, control, and maintain thousands of edge deployments on private or macro 5G (cellular or non-cellular) networks.

CTHINGS.CO relies on Wirepas as a connectivity software provider for the IoT sensor infrastructure of its market-proven CLASP solution, helping asset-intense industries cut costs and operate better through the process and condition monitoring, asset tracking and location, and smart inventories. Early adopters of the technology are now contributing by bringing new dimensions and connectivity opportunities to the Wirepas ecosystem.

“We believe that our 5G Suite can play a vital role in providing scalability and flexibility for Wirepas use cases, benefiting the entire IoT community and bringing more capabilities to overall offerings of solutions integrators”, explains CTHINGS.CO CEO, Arnold Wierzejski. “The Gateway, equipped with its optimized operating system and paired with the orchestration platform, can provide visibility and control as a single pane of glass management solution and, at the same time, enable integrators to expand or deploy additional applications and use their preferred cloud-based services.”

“Wirepas is a strong believer in an IoT ecosystem play. We see an increasing interest from traditional industries to automate manual processes to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX. We are excited to have CTHINGS.CO as our partner and see a large number of use cases covered by their Wirepas Massive enabled 5G IoT Gateway and 5G Suite”, says Oula Välipakka, Director of Sales and Business Development at Wirepas.

Headquartered in Poland and with operational branches in Austria and Denmark, CTHINGS.CO develops end-to-end 5G IoT solutions that allow enterprises to tap into precious data sources hidden in their processes and assets. With a solid background in IoT and telecommunications, they are currently serving customers in the fields of Logistics, Manufacturing, Green Energy, and Smart Utilities Management. cthings.co

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