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IoT connectivity made better with Wirepas Massive

Sebastien Pellorce

With Wirepas Massive our customers can deliver great products in various markets and at any scale. All thanks to the great versatility of our fully autonomous and decentralized technology.

Our offering has several key components. At the center we have Wirepas Massive, our connectivity software protocol. In addition, we provide reference gateway drivers, cloud APIs as well as backend components for monitoring and positioning. All of these components are integrated together by our customers building the final IoT product or solution.

Like solving a little puzzle!

No wonder then that the developer experience is one of our key focuses. We are constantly improving our deliverables and tools to make our product integration as smooth as possible.

Our customer developer experience is built around three pillars:

  • Wirepas Developer Portal. This was launched last year and is the main portal from where our customers can access all our documentation, learn about our products, get examples and ‘How to’ guides and, last but not least, get technical support.

  • A full digital experience. All our documentation is online and updated regularly. It covers the entire product from the overall concept for understanding our product to the deep technical key performance indicators and APIs.

  • An open-source strategy. Several key components of our system are available as open-source components allowing the community to contribute to our software. As an example, our gateway driver, our Software Development Kit (SDK) and our APIs are all fully open source.

Wirepas Developer Portal

We also constantly monitor our customer requests and satisfaction to improve our products and make integrating our technology as painless as possible.

What’s next? The Wirepas developer portal is today available to our licensees under registration. But we will soon make it available to anyone, with much more technical information and tutorials to learn more about our technology. Stay tuned!!

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