Partner blog: Bamomas and Wirepas are on the way to making industrial battery usage more sustainable and cost-effective - Wirepas

Partner blog: Bamomas and Wirepas are on the way to making industrial battery usage more sustainable and cost-effective

Bamomas platform.jpg
Bamomas platform.jpg

Bamomas, a Finnish tech company specializing in battery intelligence, helps battery fleet operators to optimize battery lifespan and implement predictive battery maintenance on a fleet level. This goes down to a battery cell level, making battery use more economical and environmentally friendly. Wirepas mesh connectivity plays a critical role in achieving this impact through integrating the Bamomas solution.

Industrial batteries are virtual black boxes

Industrial batteries are the most critical element in running a variety of industrial devices, such as forklifts, electric vehicles, electric drills, etc. However, despite their heavy usage and reliable performance needs, usually, there’s no data or traceability available to guide the managerial and financial decisions of battery fleet operators. This leads to several problems, such as:

1) The decisions to acquire new batteries involving high CAPEX are often informed by incomplete and unreliable metrics.

2) Battery lifetime is reduced, and performance is severely impacted due to wrong or improper usage.

3) Maintenance becomes expensive as preventable issues are not identified and fixed in time.

4) Unexpected battery downtimes and mid-shift failures lead to loss of productivity and profits.

5) There are no concrete metrics available guiding the decision between battery recycling vs. second-life usage. The latter is much more environmentally friendly.

A battery intelligence platform with seamless connectivity powered by Wirepas

Bamomas cloud battery intelligence platform provides visibility into the industrial battery black boxes through powerful, relevant, and results-focused analytics. The data from the batteries are collected through state-of-the-art Bamomas sensors, powered by Wirepas - a mesh topology network built on standard off-the-shelf 2.4 GHz radio that provides large area coverage with minimum infrastructure.

The Wirepas connectivity stack is hardware agnostic, which can be used with different kinds of battery sensors. The sensors continuously collect necessary battery measurements during its operation, including voltage, current, electrolyte level, temperature, etc.

Battery analytics enables several benefits

Through its powerful analytics, Bamomas provides improved battery operations, connects the value chain, and supports a circular economy, which leads to:

1) More sustainable operations through extended battery lifespan

2) Insight into real-life battery performance

3) Decreased issues related to battery warranty and liability

4) Lowered environmental impact & emissions

5) Reduced need for service & maintenance, minimizing the environmental footprint

6) Increases service levels & enhanced safety factor

7) Improved battery 2nd life and 2nd life resale values

8) Minimized OPEX & CAPEX

9) Predictable monthly costs

10) Ability to correctly size the battery fleets

A look into the future

Bamomas battery intelligence alongside Wirepas integration is available for several industries and includes many use cases such as material handling, UPS, golf, telecom, and energy innovations, to name a few. Ultimately, the vision is to make industrial battery usage as sustainable as possible, and thanks to Wirepas’ scalable and reliable technology, this is now possible for a wide variety of industrial batteries.

Read more about Bamomas (you'll be redirected to the Bamomas website)
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Bamomas-logo (4).png
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