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Mesh connectivity. Explained.

Wirepas mesh features. Explained.

What is this Wirepas Connectivity Suite, you ask. The idea behind it is that we’ve realized we see “connectivity” differently from others in a very broad way. For us, connectivity is not just the connectivity; it’s about making it all quick, reliable, and secure. We take the complexity from massive IoT, and on top of the connectivity itself, we have included provisioning, positioning, security, monitoring, and remote updates.

Wirepas Connectivity Suite is the most scalable IoT connectivity. It supports up to 4 billion devices in a single network. Yes, you read it right. A single network, although huge. A network can have multiple gateways without any subnets. The multi-hop operation grants massive scale. With multi-hop, each device acts as a network access point or a router for other devices’ data. For instance, sensors or smart meters provide connectivity to each other.

Industry-proven reliability and security. The connectivity suite includes self-healing routing and multi-channel operations with local channel white/blacklisting. Proven over 99.99% reliability in large-scale installations with over 100 000 devices per network. Secure connectivity with industry-standard AES-128 encryption.

Interference-tolerance. Devices running the Wirepas connectivity measure interference continuously and autonomously choose the best frequency channels to use for communication. Any two communicating devices may change channels locally without affecting the rest of the network.

Years of operation for battery-operated routers. With Wirepas, no additional mains-powered routers are required – but can be used. Wirepas mesh is the only large-scale wireless mesh connectivity technology in the market enabling battery-operated routers with over a 5-year lifetime with 4000 mAh battery (1,5 packets per second). 

In-built positioning. Fastest to install, no wired or mains powered components required. Positioning is based on native network signaling and their RSSI values.

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