World’s first non-cellular 5G goes live at MWC: DECT 2020-NR based Wirepas 5G Mesh brings affordable 5G IoT to massive enterprise networks - Wirepas

World’s first non-cellular 5G goes live at MWC: DECT 2020-NR based Wirepas 5G Mesh brings affordable 5G IoT to massive enterprise networks

Wirepas, the leading IoT connectivity company, is demonstrating the world’s first non-cellular 5G at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, from 27 February to 1 March. The demo showcases Wirepas 5G Mesh on the standard’s dedicated, free-to-operate, global 1.9 GHz frequency band, the first product on the market based on the new 5G IoT connectivity standard DECT NR+, hailed to make large-scale IoT adoption finally a reality.

In recent years, massive IoT applications have boomed. This has created a strong demand for highly scalable and reliable wireless networks. Wirepas 5G Mesh is the first NR+-based product on the market, and it is built ground up to meet the demanding enterprise needs of massive scale, reliability, and affordability. Thanks to its decentralized device-based decisions, it can be deployed anywhere by anyone in no time. The network runs autonomously with minimal maintenance effort and no need for separate network infrastructure deployment. With its dedicated license-exempt global frequency band at around 1.9 GHz, the new standard offers coverage worldwide.

NR+ became the first non-cellular standard to meet the 5G requirements in 2021. Since then, it has been endorsed by many leading energy, manufacturing, and smart building players. The demo shows that NR+ is not just a theory being tested in laboratories. The demo will be conducted with Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF91 Series.

"We’ve worked diligently for years to bring an affordable 5G alternative to the market, from contributing to the standard to having the first-ever 5G mesh network demonstrated at MWC. This demo is a giant step in the journey of providing cutting-edge yet affordable connectivity to the massive-scale IoT needs of enterprises. We are excited and proud to be able to act as a game-changer for many industries,” says Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas.

“We see this new standard and its global frequency band as a key enabler for the continuing growth of the IoT market. The DECT NR+ standard meets the IMT-2020 requirements for massive Machine Type Communications like Wirepas implements with their 5G Mesh, and for ultra-reliable and low latency communications. With the dedicated band and the proven cellular technologies used in NR+, the development of systems requires minimal radio and network planning and the operation is free from interference. NR+ is a very versatile radio standard, meeting the needs of many existing applications and creating the possibility for new ones. By leveraging Nordic's existing low-power nRF91 Series architecture with Wirepas' 5G Mesh, we are able to provide the first NR+ solutions on the market in 2023.” Kristian Sæther, Product Director of Cellular IoT and NR+, Nordic Semiconductor

Wirepas 5G Mesh demo can be seen in the Business Finland Pavilion in hall 7, booth G41.

Read more about Wirepas 5G Mesh here.

About Wirepas

Wirepas is a leading IoT company with a mission to democratize enterprise IoT. It aims to make failure-free connectivity accessible to any enterprise of any size. It makes IoT real through its connectivity software enabling massive decentralized, scalable, high-density, and long-range network applications. Its technology lets any enterprise set up and manage its own network autonomously without operators, separate network infrastructure, middlemen or subscriptions - at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Wirepas is also the main contributor to the first non-cellular 5G standard, purpose-built for massive IoT and using a free global spectrum. It serves customers across the world with offices in Australia, Germany, Finland, France, India and the United States, in the areas of smart tracking, smart building, smart manufacturing and smart metering.

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